The Flash And Arrow Are Finally Paired Up For The CW’s 2019-2020 Fall TV Schedule

team flash season 5 finale
team flash season 5 finale

After watching and close out their current seasons with some mighty big season finales, it became all the more clear how much the -verse is changing to bring in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" this fall. It now looks like The CW wants to put fans right in the middle of it, too, as the network’s 2019-2020 fall schedule will finally pair and up on the same night. What’s more, and will also share an evening.

Check out The CW’s full fall lineup below.

8 p.m. – BATWOMAN Season 1
9 p.m. – Supergirl Season 5

8 p.m. – All American Season 2
9 p.m. – Black Lightning Season 3

8 p.m. – The Flash Season 6
9 p.m. – Arrow Season 8

8 p.m. – Riverdale Season 4
9 p.m. – NANCY DREW Season 1

8 p.m. – Supernatural Season 15
9 p.m. – Legacies Season 2

8 p.m. – Charmed Season 2
9 p.m. – Dynasty Season 3

As stated by network president Mark Pedowitz in the announcement, The CW is bringing 14 series back for more seasons in the 2019-2020 schedule, although some of them are obviously missing from the lineup above. (More on those later.) The aforementioned schedule does feature ten of those returning shows, though fans will be saying goodbye to two of the network’s longest-lasting dramas.

One of those will be , of course, which is closing out its vigilante run with a truncated Season 8 that will very likely culminate with the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” super-crossover. Fans are justified for being super curious about how its Season 7 finale ended, and what it’ll mean for the final batch of episodes.

Thankfully, though, we’ll get to see those play out on the same night as , pairing the two heroes together on the same night for the first time. has long anchored The CW’s Tuesday-night lineup, while has been thrown all over the schedule over the years. It looks like Tuesdays will serve as the final resting place, though.

Since one pair of superheroes deserves another, let’s talk about that stellar Sunday-night pairing of and . While Sunday nights are still fairly new ground for The CW, which just made the six-night expansion last season, one assumes setting up its newest and most exciting -verse series is a good way to spark viewers’ interest. In Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, we trust.

At the moment, it’s entirely up in the air how will close out Season 5 in a way that looks to the future, but hopefully there will be a major tie-in to the rest of the -verse. Or even just a substantial connection to herself would be nice, considering we’ll get to watch them back-to-back later this year.

As far as the network’s other superheroes go, is being allowed to stick with Monday nights for Season 3. Instead of having as a lead-in, though, the Cress Williams-led drama will slot in after the sophomore season for . The football-tinged series doesn’t match the ratings that was earning, but and do share certain themes and subject matter, making them a suitable fit.

Fans will notice that the fall schedule is definitely missing a certain superhero group, the squad. According to The CW’s announcement, will be joining other series that are being held for midseason debuts, such as new series , , and . I guess that means the Legends won’t be involved in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” or something?

On the non-superhero front, will be giving fans one final season to join the Winchester brothers for some devilish adventures, which will likely bring a whole host of familiar faces back. It’s sticking to Thursday nights this fall, where it’ll be paired rather perfectly with another show that leans hard into an established mythos, , which will further expand its own universe while also tying back to and .

Speaking of mythos, will be returning for Season 4 to clear up the mountains of giant twists that were revealed in the Season 3 finale. That’ll be followed by the debut of teen detective , who finally gets to start cracking cases in primetime again with this revised iteration of the iconic character.

Finally, Friday nights will be reboot night, with the witchy drama shifting over from Sunday nights. It’ll be airing ahead of the third season of , which took a bit of a ratings dip in Season 2. One can only hope having as a lead-in will help things.

Exact dates for all the new and returning shows’ premieres will be revealed at a later date, but we all know to expect October premieres from The CW by now. Don’t forget to tune into all the CW dramas that haven’t concluded their current seasons yet, and keep an ear out to learn when they’ll all be coming back!

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